Faculty (A to H) Index

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Ms. Emily Aikins

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology

Email: aikinse@tntemple.edu


Dr. Andrew T. Alexson

Adjunct Professor of Leadership

Email: alexson@tntemple.edu


Dr. Richard Anderson

Adjunct Professor of Theology

Email: andersonrg@tntemple.edu

Dr. Lane Andrew

Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

Office Phone: 720-290-0313
Email: andrewl@tntemple.edu


Dr. William Atwell

Instructor of American Sign Language
Sign Language Interpreting

Email: atwellw@tntemple.edu


Dr. Arnold Arredondo

Vice President for Student Services
Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture

Office: Student Services Building
Office Phone: 800-553-4050
Email: arredondoa@tntemple.edu


Mrs. Shelly Bailess

Adjunct Instructor of History

Email: bailesss@tntemple.edu


Mrs. Candace H. Bartley

Instructor of Education

Office: 324 Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4325
Email: bartleych@tntemple.edu


Mr. Joel Beck

Adjunct Instructor of Business Administration

Email: beckj@tntemple.edu

Dr. Christopher Black

Adjunct Professor of Theology

Email: blackc@tntemple.edu


Mr. Nathaniel Blackledge

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology

Email: blackln@tntemple.edu


Dr. William D. Blosch

Adjunct Professor

Email: bloschwd@tntemple.edu

Dr. Martha Boland

Adjunct Instructor of Social Sciences

Email: bolandm@tntemple.edu

Mr. Levi Brennan

Adjunct Instructor of Bible and Theology

Email: brennanl@tntemple.edu


Dr. Michael J. Brooks

Adjunct Professor of Communications

Email: brooksmj@tntemple.edu

Mr. Myles Brown

Adjunct Instructor of Bible and Christian Ministries

Email: brownm@tntemple.edu

Dr. Walter E. Brown

Adjunct Professor of Theology

Email: brownwe@tntemple.edu

Mr. C. Dillon Burroughs

Adjunct Instructor of Bible and Christian Ministries

Email: burroud@tntemple.edu


Dr. R. Randall Carman

Adjunct Professor of Leadership Studies

Email: carmanr@tntemple.edu


Mrs. Brandi Chamberlin

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology

Email: chamberlinb@tntemple.edu


Dr. Michael L. Chiavone

Adjunct Professor of Bible and Theology

Email: chiavoml@tntemple.edu


Dr. Timothy J. Clayton

Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

Email: claytotj@tntemple.edu


Dr. Benjamin Cocar

Adjunct Professor of Bible and Christian Ministries

Email: cocarb@tntemple.edu


Dr. Remalian Cocar

Chair of the Department of History and Social Studies

Assistant Professor of History

Email: cocarr@tntemple.edu


Dr. A. Cara Cochran

Associate Provost
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Chair of the Department of Psychology

Associate Professor of Psychology and Counseling

Office: 203-A Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4260
Email: cochranc@tntemple.edu


Dr. Danny Cochran

Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program

Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Ministries

Email: cochradr@tntemple.edu


Dr. Tate Cockrell

Adjunct Professor

Office:3145 Brook Highland Pkwy,
Birmingham, AL 35242
Office Phone: (205)-313-7735
Email: cockrellt@tntemple.edu


Coach Randy E. Crawford

Head Softball Coach
Adjunct Instructor of Education

Office Phone: 423-493-4238
Email: crawfordr@tntemple.edu


Dr. Tony L. Crisp

Director, Church & SBC Relations
Director, Knoxville Teaching Site
Associate Professor Pastoral Leadership

Email: crispt@tntemple.edu


Mr. Christopher Todd Davidson

History Professor

Office: 320 Lee Roberson Center
Email: davidsct@tntemple.edu


Dr. Kevin Dray

Adjunct Professor of Theology

Email: drayk@tntemple.edu


Mr. G. Seth Dunn

Adjunct Instructor of Business

Email: dunns@tntemple.edu

Dr. Anthony Easter

Adjunct Professor of Spanish

Email: easteraj@tntempe.edu


Dr. Steve Echols

President of Tennessee Temple University
Professor of Leadership

Office:  201 Lee Roberson Building
Office Phone: 423-493-4134
Email: echolss@tntemple.edu


Dr. Byron E. Edens

Executive Vice President
Assistant Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship

Office: 210B Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4158
Email: edensbe@tntemple.edu


Mrs. Kelly L. Edgmon

Adjunct Instructor of Education

Email: edgmonkl@tntemple.edu


Dr. Jeff Elliott

Adjunct Professor

Email: elliotj@tntemple.edu


Mr. John Fallahee

Adjunct Instructor of Bible and Christian Ministries

Office Phone: 423-344-9985
Email: fallahjd@tntemple.edu


Dr. Jeffrey C. Farmer

Dean of Online Learning
Assistant Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship

Office: 210C Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4267
Email: farmerj@tntemple.edu


Mr. Michael L. Feely

Adjunct History Professor

Office Phone: 423-316-6503
Email: feelym@tntemple.edu


Mrs. Gail M. Francis

Chair of Department of Sign Language Interpreting 
Instructor of Sign Language Interpreting and Physical Education

Office: 303 Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4439
Email: francig@tntemple.edu


Mr. Steve Franz

Adjunct Instructor

Email: franzs@tntemple.edu

Mr. Joe Frejosky

Vice President of Student Development
Adjunct Instructor of Bible and Christian Ministries

Office: Student Development
Office Phone: 423-493-4222
Email: frejosj@tntemple.edu


Mr. Loren Frick

Adjunct Instructor of Deaf Studies

Email: frickl@tntemple.edu

Dr. John F. Gibson

Adjunct Professor of Bible and Communication

Email: gibsonj@tntemple.edu

Mr. Kevin Godfrey

Adjunct Instructor

Email: godfreyk@tntemple.edu


Dr. Lisa B. Godfrey

Director of Graduate Studies in Education
Assistant Professor of Sign Language Interpreting

Email: godfrel@tntemple.edu


Mr. Thomas P. Gorman

Adjunct Professor of Biology



Dr. Sue Gouge

Chair of Department of Science
Adjunct Professor of Science


Mrs. Susan Hall

Adjunct Instructor of Sign Language Interpreting



Ms. Cynthia Halstead

Adjunct Instructor of English



Mrs. Jackie Rae Harvey

Director of Marketing
Assistant Director of Online Learning
Adjunct Professor

Office: LRC 217
Office Phone: 423-493-4279
Email: harveyj@tntemple.edu

Dr. D. Jason Hayes

Adjunct Professor

Email: hayesj@tntemple.edu

Mr. Bruce Hill

Adjunct Instructor of Worship Leadership

Email: hillb@tntemple.edu


Mrs. Megan Hobby

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology

Office Phone: 678-313-6210
Email: hobbym@tntemple.edu

Mrs. Starr S. Hoover

Instructor of Psychology

Office: 326 Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4350
Email: hoovers@tntemple.edu


Dr. Tracy Horton

Adjunct Professor of Education

Email: hortont1@tntemple.edu



Dr. Jason T. Huddleston

Chair of Department of Communications
Associate Professor of Literature

Office: 306 Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4157
Email: huddlej@tntemple.edu