Faculty (A to H) Index

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Ms. Emily Aikins

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology

Email: aikinse@tntemple.edu


Dr. Andrew T. Alexson

Director of Ph.D Research
Adjunct Professor of Leadership

Email: alexson@tntemple.edu


Dr. Lane Andrew

Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

Office Phone: 720-290-0313
Email: andrewl@tntemple.edu


Dr. William Atwell

Instructor of American Sign Language
Sign Language Interpreting

Email: atwellw@tntemple.edu


Dr. Arnold Arredondo

Dean of Admissions and Registrar
Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture

Office: Student Services Building
Office Phone: 800-553-4050
Email: arredondoa@tntemple.edu


Dr. Debra H. Atchison

Adjunct Instructor

Office Phone: 205-956-7283
Email: atchisond@tntemple.edu


Mrs. Shelly Bailess

Adjunct Instructor of History

Email: bailesss@tntemple.edu


Mrs. Candace H. Bartley

Instructor of Education

Office: 324 Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4325
Email: bartleych@tntemple.edu


Mr. Joel Beck

Adjunct Instructor of Business Administration

Email: beckj@tntemple.edu

Dr. Christopher Black

Adjunct Professor of Theology

Email: blackc@tntemple.edu


Mr. Nathaniel Blackledge

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology

Email: blackln@tntemple.edu


Dr. William D. Blosch

Adjunct Professor

Email: bloschwd@tntemple.edu

Mr. Levi Brennan

Adjunct Instructor of Bible and Theology

Email: brennanl@tntemple.edu


Dr. Michael J. Brooks

Adjunct Professor of Communications

Email: brooksmj@tntemple.edu

Dr. Walter E. Brown

Adjunct Professor of Theology

Email: brownwe@tntemple.edu

Mr. C. Dillon Burroughs

Adjunct Instructor of Bible and Christian Ministries

Email: burroud@tntemple.edu


Dr. R. Randall Carman

Adjunct Professor of Leadership Studies

Email: carmanr@tntemple.edu


Mrs. Brandi Chamberlin

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology

Email: chamberlinb@tntemple.edu


Dr. Michael L. Chiavone

Adjunct Professor of Bible and Theology

Email: chiavoml@tntemple.edu


Dr. David Chism

Adjunct Professor

Office Phone: (205)-532-0866
Email: chismd@tntemple.edu


Ms. Melissa Swain Chism

Assistant Director of the Lovelady Center/Tennessee Temple University Education Program

Office: Lovelady Center, Birmingham, AL
Office Phone: 423-493-4487
Email: chismm@tntemple.edu


Dr. Timothy J. Clayton

Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

Email: claytotj@tntemple.edu


Dr. Benjamin Cocar

Adjunct Professor of Bible and Christian Ministries

Email: cocarb@tntemple.edu


Dr. Remalian Cocar

Chair of the Department of History and Social Studies

Assistant Professor of History

Email: cocarr@tntemple.edu


Dr. A. Cara Cochran

Associate Provost
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Chair of the Department of Psychology

Associate Professor of Psychology and Counseling

Office: 203-A Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4260
Email: cochranc@tntemple.edu


Dr. Danny Cochran

Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program

Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Ministries

Email: cochradr@tntemple.edu


Dr. Tate Cockrell

Adjunct Professor

Office:3145 Brook Highland Pkwy,
Birmingham, AL 35242
Office Phone: (205)-313-7735
Email: cockrellt@tntemple.edu


Coach Randy E. Crawford

Head Softball Coach
Adjunct Instructor of Education

Office Phone: 423-493-4238
Email: crawfordr@tntemple.edu


Dr. Tony L. Crisp

Director, Church & SBC Relations
Director, Knoxville Teaching Site
Associate Professor Pastoral Leadership

Email: crispt@tntemple.edu


Mr. Christopher Todd Davidson

History Professor

Office: 320 Lee Roberson Center
Email: davidsct@tntemple.edu


Dr. Kevin Dray

Adjunct Professor of Theology

Email: drayk@tntemple.edu


Mr. G. Seth Dunn

Adjunct Instructor of Business

Email: dunns@tntemple.edu

Dr. Anthony Easter

Adjunct Professor of Spanish

Email: easteraj@tntempe.edu


Dr. Steve Echols

President of Tennessee Temple University
Professor of Leadership

Office:  201 Lee Roberson Building
Office Phone: 423-493-4134
Email: echolss@tntemple.edu


Dr. Byron E. Edens

Executive Vice President
Assistant Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship

Office: 210B Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4158
Email: edensbe@tntemple.edu


Mrs. Kelly L. Edgmon

Adjunct Instructor of Education

Email: edgmonkl@tntemple.edu


Mr. John Fallahee

Adjunct Instructor of Bible and Christian Ministries

Office Phone: 423-344-9985
Email: fallahjd@tntemple.edu


Dr. Jeffrey C. Farmer

Director of Online Learning
Assistant Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship

Office: 210C Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4267
Email: farmerj@tntemple.edu


Mr. Michael L. Feely

Adjunct History Professor

Office Phone: 423-316-6503
Email: feelym@tntemple.edu


Mrs. Gail M. Francis

Chair of Department of Sign Language Interpreting 
Instructor of Sign Language Interpreting and Physical Education

Office: 303 Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4439
Email: francig@tntemple.edu


Mr. Joe Frejosky

Vice President of Student Development
Adjunct Instructor of Bible and Christian Ministries

Office: Student Development
Office Phone: 423-493-4222
Email: frejosj@tntemple.edu


Mr. Loren Frick

Adjunct Instructor of Deaf Studies

Email: frickl@tntemple.edu

Dr. John F. Gibson

Adjunct Professor of Bible and Communication

Email: gibsonj@tntemple.edu

Mr. Kevin Godfrey

Adjunct Instructor

Email: godfreyk@tntemple.edu


Dr. Lisa B. Godfrey

Director of Graduate Studies in Education
Assistant Professor of Sign Language Interpreting

Email: godfrel@tntemple.edu


Mr. Thomas P. Gorman

Adjunct Professor of Biology



Dr. Sue Gouge

Chair of Department of Science
Adjunct Professor of Science


Mr. Jeff Haarlow

Office: McGivalry Gymnasium
Office Phone: 423-493-4237
Email: haarlowj@tntemple.edu


Dr. Robert B. Hall

Director of the Lovelady Center in Birmingham, AL

Office: Lovelady Center in Birmingham, AL
Office Phone: 423-493-4100 Ext 4486
Email: hallr@tntemple.edu


Mrs. Susan Hall

Adjunct Instructor of Sign Language Interpreting



Ms. Cynthia Halstead

Adjunct Instructor of English



Dr. Jay A. Hartranft

Adjunct Professor of Bible and Christian Ministries

Email: hartraj@tntemple.edu


Dr. D. Jason Hayes

Adjunct Professor

Email: hayesj@tntemple.edu

Mr. Bruce Hill

Adjunct Instructor of Worship Leadership

Email: hillb@tntemple.edu


Mrs. Megan Hobby

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology

Office Phone: 678-313-6210
Email: hobbym@tntemple.edu

Mrs. Starr S. Hoover

Instructor of Psychology

Office: 326 Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4350
Email: hoovers@tntemple.edu


Dr. Tracy Horton

Adjunct Professor of Education

Email: hortont1@tntemple.edu



Dr. Jason T. Huddleston

Chair of Department of Communications
Associate Professor of Literature

Office: 306 Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4157
Email: huddlej@tntemple.edu