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The primary purpose of Temple Baptist Seminary as a graduate school of theology is to equip men and women for dynamic leadership in local Bible-believing churches and related “field ministries.” The Seminary prepares Christian leaders to meet the missional needs of a multi-religious world by making disciples with God’s inerrant Word. Temple Baptist Seminary maintains a balanced curriculum plan, a standard of character, and a ministry model that unite to accomplish the school’s purpose.

The Desired Character of Temple Baptist Seminary Graduates

As a theological training center, the qualities necessary for church leadership outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 set the standard for TBS faculty to communicate through example and precept. In addition to these biblical qualities, TBS seeks to develop men and women to be independent learners who read and think. TBS graduates should be disciplined in their personal lives and self-motivated. The seminary strives to produce men and women who are both practical and flexible, with the ability to transform classroom knowledge into personal ministry.

Program Objectives

1. Discipline in the development of Christian character and spiritual maturity.

    a. Each graduate will show commitment to personal purity, family responsibility, and community awareness.

    b. Each graduate will demonstrate acknowledgment of the importance of prayer, daily Scripture reading, & regular church attendance in order to use his spiritual gifts to serve Christ.

2. Research in biblical and theological truth

    a. Each graduate will demonstrate a basic knowledge of the verbally inspired, inerrant Word of God, of fundamental doctrines of the biblical, historical Christian faith, and of a biblical worldview.

    b. Each graduate will demonstrate familiarity with the principles of biblical interpretation, biblical integration, and preaching/teaching.

3. Training in the skills for effective ministry

    a. Each graduate will show an understanding of the biblical leadership principles for the ministry

    b. Each graduate will demonstrate a commitment to participate in the ministries of the local church, including evangelism, discipleship, and missions.

Theological Distinctives

1. Deep commitment to the principle that the Scriptures, as given in the original autographs, are the verbally/plenary inspired, inerrant, infallible, and authoritative Word of God.

2. Adherence to the biblical, historical, and fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith.

3. Complete accordance with the grammatical-historical method of interpretation of Scripture and with the pre-millennial perspective.

4. Agreement with Baptist distinctives.

Academic Distinctives

1. A faculty with diverse academic backgrounds.

2. A faculty-student ratio that assures personal attention.

3. A quality, graduate-level training at an affordable cost.

4. A curriculum with options designed to meet the needs of both secular college and Bible college graduates.

5. A plan of electives in conjunction with the standard seminary courses that allow the student to pursue his or her own vocational ministerial objectives.

6. An instructional philosophy characterized by biblical integration.

Ministerial Distinctives

1. A balanced blend of practical ministerial experience with academic excellence.

2. A focus on the local church and planting local churches among the unevangelized.

3. An emphasis on evangelism, discipleship, missions, and ministerial competencies.

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