TTU Alumni around the country are organizing local chapters to reconnect in fellowship, and prayerful support for current students,faculty, graduates and the future of the University. If you ever get the opportunity to come back for a campus visit, or even a reunion, be sure to use the local hotels, listed here, that offer discounts to TTU friends and family!

With a renewed focus to link TTU's Alum with our current on-campus student body the alumni office is at work identifying areas where there is interest forming Alumni Chapters. To date we have discovered enthusiasm in the areas you see below. If you would like to be apart of participating in a local chapter...or wish to suggest additional areas, please contact the TTU Alumni Office at:

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • South Florida



"Through the halls of Temple U

Hear the Savior's call,

Send the Gospel to all people,

Show them Christ is all.


Temple U, Temple U

Colors red and white

A distinctive Christian school

Giving truth and light."

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