Campus Life

Social Life

Temple Baptist Seminary and Tennessee Temple University share the same campus and together endeavor to provide a wholesome social atmosphere for the students. There are many activities shared by both—banquet occasions, sports events, music recitals, and fun night features, as well as many others.

Spiritual Life

The spiritual growth and development of the students is a primary concern at Temple Baptist Seminary. Without proper spiritual foundations established in the lives of the students, there will be a serious lack in personal, family, and ministerial life. The spiritual emphasis in the Seminary’s programs seeks to reinforce what is gained in the classroom.


Chapel services are carefully planned with a view to spiritual and practical needs of the students. The Seminary considers the chapel services as important as class attendance. All full-time students and those who have a class on Tuesday and Thursday are invited to attend chapel.

Week of Prayer and Praise

One week each semester is specially designated as a time of thanksgiving, petition, and testimony. A portion of each class during the week is devoted to these exercises.

Church Attendance

Temple Baptist Seminary expects students faithfully to worship the Lord in the services of the local church. Resident students are encouraged to attend Sunday School, Sunday morning worship service, Sunday evening service, and the midweek prayer service at a Bible-believing church in the Chattanooga area.

Christian Propriety, Disciplinary Suspension, Reenrollment, and Appeals

Seminary students should be pacesetters in their community both spiritually and professionally. The Seminary recognizes Christian liberty in matters not expressly forbidden in Scripture. The student must be careful to maintain an exemplary testimony in keeping with his position as a Christian leader. In all matters and in every location, we represent our Lord Jesus Christ, so students should always seek to be a godly ambassador.

TBS seeks to follow a positive, not a negative, approach to rules and regulations. Failure to comply with stated principles of decorum, however, carries with it certain penalties. These principles are contained in the Student Handbook.

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