Ph.D in Leadership
Howard Owens, Interim Director



The Ph.D. in Leadership program is multidisciplinary in scope and primarily online in delivery with a five-day on-campus residency. It prepares students for organizational leadership positions. The program integrates research, theory and practice and provides a breadth of knowledge across the leadership field with in-depth research and study in pivotal areas. Critical thinking, scholarly research, writing, and learning occur within a biblical Christian worldview that supports the entire program. The capstone project is the submission and successful defense of a doctoral dissertation.


The Ph.D. in Leadership program has four components: (a) core courses -18 credit hours; (b) content courses -18 credit hours; (c) cognate courses - 12 credit hours, and (d) dissertation -12 credit hours. A comprehensive examination occurs before the third year. Students completing doctoral level work at other institutions may request transfer of up to 9 credit hours.


Course Sequence

Year One
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Summer Semester
LEAD 7013
LEAD 7023
LEAD 7033
LEAD 7043
LEAD 7003
LEAD 7053
LEAD 7063
Year Two
LEAD 8013
LEAD 8023
LEAD 8033
LEAD 8043
LEAD 8003
LEAD 8053
LEAD 8063
Year Three
Comprehensive Exam
LEAD 9013
LEAD 9023
LEAD 9033
LEAD 9043
LEAD 9003
LEAD 9053



 Core Courses:
LEAD 7003 Foundations of Leadership (3)
LEAD 7013 Aspects of Leadership (3)
LEAD 7023 Research Design I (3)
LEAD 7033 The Leader’s Role in a 21st Century World (3)
LEAD 7043 Organizational Development (3)
LEAD 8003 Research Design & Analysis (3)
Content Courses:
LEAD 7053 Organizational Communication (3
LEAD 7063 Conflict Resolution (3)
LEAD 8013 Strategic Planning (3
LEAD 8023 Organizational Change (3)
LEAD 8033 Leadership Values & Ethics (3)
LEAD 8043 Leadership Policy & Culture (3)
Cognate Courses:
LEAD 8053 Contemporary Issues in Leadership I (3)
LEAD 8063 Contemporary Issues in Leadership II (3)
LEAD 9013 Contemporary Issues in Leadership III (3)
LEAD 9023 Contemporary Issues in Leadership IV (3)
LEAD 9003 Advanced Research Methods and Design (3)
LEAD 9033 Dissertation I (3)
LEAD 9043 Dissertation II (3)
LEAD 9053 Dissertation III (3)
Program Total (60)





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