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Tom Barlett - Doctor of Ministry, 2012

Me attend Tennessee Baptist Seminary? No way, I’m a cutting edge pastor of a large multi-site church. Our music is contemporary and our approach would be considered non-traditional. Tennessee Temple couldn’t possibly offer me an education to prepare me for ministry in the 21st century, or . . . could it? I investigated this very question upon the advice of a friend of mine. That was three years ago. Today I’m a graduate of the doctoral program who is so glad of his choice of seminary. I shudder to think that I could have gone elsewhere. Tennessee Baptist Seminary has made me a better pastor, communicator, leader, and a better person.

Paul Laso - Master of Ministry, 2009; Master of Arts in Christian Education, 2010

Each of us stands on a foundation which guides our lives; for Temple Baptist Seminary it is the Word of God. Then there are pillars in our lives which both stand tall and give us structure along with the support needed as we build our lives on this solid foundation. Temple Baptist Seminary serves as one of the many pillars in my life. During my tenure at TBS my mind was challenged personally, ministerially, and most importantly spiritually. 

Personally, the demands of seminary education brought the word "discipline" into a brand new perspective. The demand developed, in my life, a need for structured disciplined time management that to this day has become more than just a memory but a practice in my daily life.
Ministerially, the education of seminary prepared me for the professional demands of ministry while also exposing me to relevant issues that surround today's ministry challenges. A sense of godly confidence was developed in my life so that if challenges would arise my training would serve as that pillar during those challenges. This was not because I had "arrived" with my education, but that through the education I would have the tools to adequately approach each task & obstacle. This of course, was supplemented with the great source of truth I needed - The Word of God. 
Spiritually, the main focus of our training derives from the greatest source of knowledge and truth- God's Word. Seminary brought about a refinement of timeless Biblical truths that solidified my calling, my purpose, my biblical standards, the Gospel, and my confidence in Jesus Christ. These timeless truths not only will dictate my personal life and growth with God, but it has shaped the manner in which I will live out my calling for His honor and His Glory. 
TBS' goal is to train to transform. The training was solid, and the transformation continues each day, thankfully, because of His grace!
Dolly Robinson, Master of Ministry, 2010; Master of Arts in Christian Education, 2011; current DMin student
My first experience with Temple is really what attracted me to the school. I called to get information and got someone's voicemail but what I did not expect was a return call THE SAME DAY. I was quite impressed.
I serve as director of Christian education at my local church and the M.A.C.E. program at Temple is second to none. I really did my homework looking for a school that had a program that would meet my needs to enhance my ministry as director. The Masters program there met the need of how to administer a Christian education program, gave me confidence by increasing my knowledge of the history and philosophy of Christian education. Most of all the knowledge I have acquired I was able to share with my church which has helped the Christian education department grow in Christ. The MMin helped me personally grow in Christ not to mention how my writing skills have improved from taking Biblical Research and Writing with Mr. Woodruff.
I have been able to help guide and direct the VBS coordinator, the Sunday School superintendent, the Youth pastor and my favorite, personally coordinated a leadership training program for all leaders of the church (approximately 65).


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