Charitable Lead Trusts


If there were a way to make a charitable gift using funds that would eventually be returned to you or your loved ones, would you be interested?


Surprisingly, a plan such as this already exists. A charitable lead trust can help you achieve a number of goals:

* Your gift plan can assure that all or part of the assets that funded your gift will be made available to you or your loved ones at a time of your choosing.
* Your heirs may receive a larger inheritance than you thought possible.
* You can lower your taxes now and in the future. It is possible to make gifts in such a way as to meet your needs and those of loved ones as well as worthy charitable organizations.
* Thanks to charitable lead trusts and other similar vehicles, you do not need to choose either or-it's possible to do both. This can greatly enhance your peace of mind now and in the future.


Bob and Nancy Norris have three grandchildren, ages 14, 10, and 3. After conferring with their advisors, the Norrises decide to create a charitable lead trust that will contribute annually for 15 years to Tennessee Temple University, whom they already support financially. At the end of that period, the assets in the trust will pass to their grandchildren.

The benefits include the following:

* The grandchildren will receive their inheritances at older, more mature ages.
* The Norrises will have reduced estate tax liability; in particular, they will have lessened the impact of the generation skipping transfer tax.
* They will be making a large charitable gift.


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