Center for Ministry Training Program


The Center for Ministry Training (CMT) seeks partners who will stand with TTU to see a new generation of men and women trained up to serve God in His global advance.

A yearly meeting of the CMT leadership, faculty, and CMT board enhances communication and affords TTU the opportunity to improve the ministry preparation curriculum and internships. The Pastors Advisory Board will provide open and honest assessments through the annual meetings.



The CMT Board is primarily supported by the cooperating churches, ministries and mission agencies that desire to invest in underwriting the ministry students’ scholarships. Become a partner today by joining us at one four levels of support, listed below.



  • Serve as “mentoring pastor” and let yourr church become a “training ground” for TTU
  • Receive first opportunity to interview and select interns
  • Receive scholarships for church staff members or called lay persons at TTU or TBS through the Distance Education program
  • Join a team of pastors to share ideas for training the next generation of leaders


  • Send monthly support
  • Mentor TTU or TBS interns by being models of spiritual leadership, prayer and evangelism
  • Provide a training ground for interns at your church
  • Attend the annual CMT conference

Levels of Support

Associate Member

$125/month, $1,500/year



$250/month, $3,000/year

One Distance Education tuition scholarship


Board Member

$500/month, $6,000/year

Two Distance Education tuition scholarships


Executive Board Member

$750/month, $9,000/year

Four Distance Education tuition scholarships


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