Course Challenge

 A student may challenge a course for which he has sufficient background if he receives the approval of his advisor and the department chair of the course. Freshmen and sophomores may challenge courses at any level; juniors and seniors may challenge only 3000 or 4000 level courses.

A student may not challenge the following:

  • Any course for which he is or has been registered for credit or audit except by the end of the first day of class
  • Any course in which he has received a final grade
  • Any course already challenged
  • English Composition I and II (ENGL-1013, ENGL-1023)
  • Any Bible or Theology course
  • More than six hours of Spanish
  • More than the first three hours of American Sign Language (without Dept. Chair approval)
  • Any Sign Language Interpreting course  
  • Any departmental capstone course
  • A course in their final semester before graduation.

After completing the Course Challenge Application and receiving permission from his department chair, the student must take the challenge examination from the instructor selected by the chair of the department in which the course is offered. The student will pay a $100 challenge fee to the Business Office prior to taking the exam.

A student passing the examination with a minimum grade of 71% (C) will receive a grade of “P” (Passing).

Examination results judged inadequate will be recorded as NP (Not Passing). Although the grade will appear on the transcript, neither “P” nor “NP” will be included in the grade point average. The student should request that Records Office post credit for the challenged course to the student’s transcript.

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