Course Description

EDUC-2023 Exceptional Children in Regular Classrooms (3 credit hours)
(Spring Only) (Prerequisite: PSYC-2223) Mildly handicapped children, including the mentally challenged, the emotionally disturbed, the physically handicapped, the learning disabled, and the gifted are discussed. Includes descriptions of various handicapping conditions as well as suggestions for meeting needs in a regular classroom. Field experiences include fifteen hours in a classroom where exceptional children are enrolled.

EDUC-2113 Working with Families of Young Children (3 credit hours)
(Summer Only) An introductory course for persons interested in providing services for infants, toddlers, pre-school, and early elementary school aged children, both with and without disabilities, and the relationship between the school and student families.

EDUC-2123 Assessment and Observation of Young Children (3 credit hours)
(Spring only) (Prerequisite: PSYC-2223) Overview of the assessment process, preliminary assessment skills, and using assessment results in planning for guidance/instruction of young children. Observation in the assessment processes will be emphasized.

EDUC-2133 Early Childhood Curriculum Development (3 credit hours)
(Fall Only) (Prerequisite/ Co-requisite: EDUC 3113) Overview of curriculum and activities that are developmentally appropriate for diverse groups and individual children. Particular emphasis will be placed on lesson and unit planning, emergent curriculum, and the creation and use of learning centers.

EDUC-3103 Administration of Early Childhood Programs (3 credit hours)
(Summer Only) Philosophy, objectives and methods for organizing and operating a kindergarten, nursery school, day-care center and play group for children below six years of age. Also includes the planning of pre-school facilities and the selection of equipment and personnel.

EDUC-3113 Educating the Young Child (3 credit hours)
(Fall Only) Introduction to the various learning and teaching strategies and theories appropriate for young children.  Emphasis is placed on content, methodology, and materials for enhancing learning, and on creating learning experiences appropriate for early developmental characteristics, such as learning centers and hands-on materials.

ENGL-3603 Children's Literature (3 credit hours)
(Fall Only) (Prerequisite: ENGL-1023) An introduction to children's literature. Enduring classics, distinguished contemporary works and notable Christian writings for children are among some of the aspects that are studied. Characteristics of good literature, illustrations, and illustrators are also examined.

PSYC-2223 Infant & Child Development (3 credit hours)
(Fall Only) A study of the physiological, psychological, and spiritual growth of the child from conception to the preadolescent level. Developmental research is emphasized.

PHED 1303 Human Nutrition, Wellness, & Safety (3 credit hours)
(Spring Only) Introductory Nutrition covers the principles of human nutrition. The emphasis of the course is to promote understanding of human nutritional needs for proper growth, development and life.



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