Creation Museum

From left: Dr. Lovett, Ken Ham, Dr. Bouler

Among what makes Tennessee Temple University distinctively Christian is that we believe the Bible from the first verse. Recently, we had Ken Ham (the president and co-founder of Answers in Genesis) as our baccalaureate and commencement speaker. One way that TTU upholds the Bible from the first verse is in the science department. This upcoming May 20th will begin a course called Scientific Origins, which provides undergraduates with scientific evidence supporting a recent creation as the Bible plainly teaches. As part of the course, Dr. Andrew J. Fabich (head of the science department) will take the course up to the Creation Museum located near Cincinnati, OH. The Creation Museum recently had its one millionth visitor and is a great facility that demonstrates the scientific accuracy of the Bible. TTU's stance in support of Biblical creation comes at a time when there is much debate among seminaries over the scientific accuracy of the Scriptures. To read more about the Creation Museum, visit their web site to learn more.


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