Selecting a Degree Program

Congratulations! You’ve decided to enroll in classes at Tennessee Temple University! You’ve already made one smart decision; now it’s time to consider what you will study with us at TTU. While all of our courses and programs will train you to transform your world as a servant leader for Christ, we recommend that you choose one (or two) majors to focus your studies and hone your skills toward your desired career and ministry. We offer over 40 majors in 13 fields of study, so you’ve got plenty of options. This page deals with the nuts and bolts of declaring, changing, or adding a major or minor.

Declaring a Major

Admission to Tennessee Temple University does not imply admission to a major. Some majors have specific admission criteria and minimum standards that must be maintained to remain in the major as a degree candidate. Likewise, admission to candidacy in a degree program does not imply the student will complete that major concentration if minimum standards are not being met.

All students enrolling in Tennessee Temple University who have not decided what degree program they want to pursue will be enrolled in the Associate of Science in General Studies degree program. The focus of the AS General Studies is on the general core curriculum with sufficient electives available to allow these students to experiment with different disciplines of study. Each student will be assigned an advisor for guidance through the decision process. Students desiring to change to another major may do so by following the processes in the next paragraphs.

Making Changes in an Academic Program

Residential students desiring to change an academic major must submit a Change of Program Form with signatures from the department chair and advisor of the current major or minor and the department chair of the requested major or minor.  The completed Change of Program Form is then submitted to the Registrar for approval.

        Change of Program FormResidential Undergraduate      Residential Seminary

Online Learning students must contact the Office of Online Learning at 423-493-4280/4281 where an academic advisor will complete the change of program request and submit it to the Registrar for approval.

The requirements for graduation are based on the catalog in effect at the time the program change is approved. Adding the teacher education component changes the major to the requirements of the current catalog.

Double Major

Students may declare two majors. Such students must meet the departmental program requirements for the second major in the catalog in effect at the time the second major is declared. To avoid delaying graduation, we recommend that these students declare both majors at the same time. While some courses may apply toward two majors, no more than three courses shall be counted as satisfying the requirements of both major concentrations. Foundational Studies and General Core Courses may be used to satisfy the requirements for both programs without restrictions on duplication.  Students will receive one degree with two majors. 

Adding a Biblical Studies Major

All students pursuing a bachelor’s degree, except those in the Department of Bible and Christian Ministries, may select Biblical Studies as one of their majors if they take 30 hours of Bible (BIBL) and theology (THEO) courses. A minimum grade of "C" is required in all courses applicable to a major in biblical studies. To have the biblical studies major recorded on their transcripts, students must submit to the Records Office a Change of Program request approved by their department chair.  Students will receive one degree with two majors.

Undergraduate Minors

A minimum of eighteen hours in the field of concentration beyond the foundational studies, general core education and departmental major requirements of a Bachelor’s degree constitutes a minor. Refer to the current Academic Catalog for specific minor requirements.  While some courses may apply toward both departmental major requirements and the minor, no more than two courses shall be counted as satisfying the requirements of both the major and minor. The requirements for the minor are based on the catalog in effect when the minor is added.  All students pursuing a bachelor’s degree, except those in the Department of Bible and Christian Ministries, will have met the requirements for a minor in Bible.  Students in an associate’s program are not eligible for a minor.


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