Sign Language Interpreting Department

Tennessee Temple University has merged with Piedmont International University to ensure that absolute commitment to providing the very best in Christ-centered higher education is preserved.  

The Sign Language Interpreting Department remains one of the most unique academic departments at Piedmont. The Department seeks to develop an appreciation for the deaf community and to instruct students to effectively communicate within it. In addition to classroom instruction, students are given an abundance of opportunities to practice their skills in a number of environments.

The Interpreting Training Program provides training in American Sign Language, deaf culture, and Sign Language interpreting. The program combines classroom academics with actual "hands-on" interpreting experience, making the student proficient as well as knowledgeable. Upon completion, the graduate will possess the skills necessary to serve as qualified interpreter for the deaf in a variety of settings. The successful graduate of IEP will be able to secure employment as an educational, governmental, agency, video relay, or freelance interpreter.


The purpose of the Sign Language Interpreting Department is to provide high quality instruction and training in practical and theoretical issues, skills, knowledge, and professionalism pertaining to the provision of interpreting services to the D/deaf, hard of hearing and hearing consumers in a variety of settings, so students may effectively minister for Christ in the Deaf Community as professional interpreters.


1. Interact comforably in the deaf community as an individual and as a professional interpreter.
2. Communicate accurately and effectively using all necessary vocabulary and discourse regulators.
3. Demonstrate an accurate understanding of how to be involved in the lives of deaf people.
4. Demonstrate knowledge and respect of deaf culture.
5. Interpret/Transliterate accurately, effectively, and impartially using all necessary vocabulary and discourse regulators.
6. Adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct when interpreting in the Christian and professional world.
7. Achieve minimal entry level interpreting credentials.
8. Access their interpreting/transliterating performance and develop a plan for continued professional growth.

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