Department Requirement

Entrance Requirements:

Until an official letter of acceptance has been received from the Chair of the Department of Sign Language Interpreting, each Sign Language Interpreting student is considered to be a Sign Language Interpreting Candidate. To be admitted to the Interpreting Training Program a student must do the following:

1. Maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average
2. Achieve a grade of "B" or better in SL-300 and SL-301
3. Receive approval from the Interpreting Training Program Acceptance Committee

Exit Requirements

All Sign Language Interpreting Students must meet the following standards in order to graduate from Tennessee Temple University:

1. Maintain a cumulative grade point of 2.5 or higher
2. Complete parts I and II of the placement portfolio
3. Complete the required hours of Fieldwork
4. Pass the Generalist Written Test administered by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
5. Pass one of the following performance assessments:
1. National Interpreter Certification (Certified Level or higher)
2. Educational Interpreter Proficiency Assessment (3.0 or higher)
3. Any state Quality Assurance Screening (at the level required to be an educational interpreter in that state)

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