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  “You are here.”

When you’re trying to find your way around a new area or just want to recover your sense of direction, the little X on the map that says “You are here” gives you a new understanding of how you fit into your surroundings and where you ought to go.

Studying humanities such as history, language, and psychology does the same for the college student. By understanding the ideas, values, and beliefs that surround us, we can better know ourselves. Students who apply themselves to one of the available programs in this division will develop resilient minds, empowering them to lead enriched lives while enriching the lives of those around them.

Each program in this division challenges students to assess and value the surrounding culture’s ideas, beliefs, and writings from a Christian perspective. Students with an interest in transforming their world through teaching may enroll in an arts and science program with a concentration in secondary education. No matter which major you choose, our knowledgeable and friendly faculty will train you to become an independent thinker who can apply biblical truth and cultural context in your ministry and vocation for the rest of your life.

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