What is Online Learning?

Online Learning is simply learning from a distance, usually from home or from a conveniently located off-campus site. Online Learning allows adults to earn college credits - even entire degrees - without ever leaving home.

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What are the advantages of Online Learning?

While the requirements for degrees earned by distance are the same as the requirements for degrees earned on-campus, there are many advantages to learning by distance, including:

Anytime, Anywhere Learning . . .
The Online Learning student has the flexibility of determining when and where course work is completed. This flexibility requires a measure of discipline to ensure that all work is submitted by the deadline, but offers the opportunity to adjust academic effort to meet the challenges of work and family. This results in a learning process that is personalized and convenient for the learner.

Contextualized Learning . . .
Because the Online Learning learner is able to remain within the context of their work environment, they have the opportunity to apply professional experiences directly to their studies AND apply new knowledge gained directly to their work situations.

Reduced Cost . . .
Because the Online Learning learner does not incur room and board, travel costs and on-campus fees, the cost of education can be significantly reduced, and achieving your educational goals becomes a more affordable option.

Utilization of Technology . . .
Online Learning takes advantage of the latest technology and the vast information resource that is the World Wide Web. Online course materials make links, RealAudio, RealVideo and other tools available directly at your fingertips.

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Is Tennessee Temple University accredited?

Tennessee Temple University received full accreditation by the American Association of Bible Colleges from 1984-2001. Since September 2000, TTU has been fully accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.

The Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) is approved by the United States Secretary of Education as a nationally recognized institutional accrediting agency. All institutions which hold accredited status with TRACS are listed in the Higher Education Directory.

As an accredited, degree-granting member of TRACS, Tennessee Temple University is also an institutional member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Institutional membership is limited to nationally and regionally accredited colleges and universities.

National or regional accreditation is a process that gives public recognition to institutions that meet rigorous and demanding standards of excellence in education. Accreditation assures that the institution operates on a sound financial basis, has an approved program of study, employs qualified instructors, maintains adequate facilities and equipment, executes approved recruitment and admissions policies, and advertises its courses truthfully.

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What are the tuition and fees for online courses through the Tennessee Temple University?

Click here to see all tuition and fees.

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If I am planning to attend Tennessee Temple University and enroll in a traditional, residential degree program, will the credit hours I earn through the Online Learning Program apply?

Yes, credits earned through the Online Learning Program will apply to the residential program.

If you are planning to attend Tennessee Temple University and enroll in a traditional, residential degree program, please contact the residential campus registrar for further guidance.

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Are course credits transferable?

Tennessee Temple University is an accredited, degree-granting member of TRACS. The acceptance of transfer credits and their specific application to degree requirements is always left in the hands of the receiving institution.

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What are Online Learning courses like?

All courses through the Online Learning Program are college-level and meet the high academic standards for which Tennessee Temple University is known. Online Learning learning provides course information in a format that is geared specifically for distance learners.

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How much time will be required?

All of our courses are college-level studies and will require as much time and effort to complete as the same course taken on campus. Since each lesson is roughly equivalent to one week of classes, you should spend an average of seven to ten hours on each lesson.

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Can I be a successful distance learner?

Yes, you can! Online Learning requires self-motivation and self-discipline, so set a time and place to study. Keeping to a strict study schedule will keep you on track and help you get to work quickly. Your schedule will work best if you have a regular place to study. Some people choose to study in the local library where they can count on a quiet atmosphere with plenty of educational resources at hand, but you can study successfully in your own home. Devote a specific area in which study. Try to pick a spot where you can keep all your books, paper and supplies in one place. This will allow you to sit down and work without having to get up and down. You may want to invest in an answering machine or unplug the telephone to keep distractions to a minimum. Your success depends upon your ability to motivate yourself.

Online Learning is not for everyone. However, for many, it is an effective method of learning.

Individuals with the following characteristics/abilities will likely find themselves to be successful distance learners:

Independent learners can't rely on regular class times to provide structure for their studies. They must be able to establish a learning schedule on their own and then stick with it through the numerous distractions of life's other responsibilities.

Personal Motivation
Well-defined goals are very important to achieving your desired outcomes for Online Learning. When the going gets tough (and it always does), knowing what you want to achieve by completing your program of study will help you continue your studies. Knowing the reasons why you chose distance learning as your method of study (the sleeping child in the next room, your spouse's promotion, etc.) also helps at those critical moments of discouragement. If you can remain motivated, you can stay on task.

Effective Time Management
All forms of learning require that students be effective time managers. Although the commute to class may be much shorter (like across the hall!), independent learners must meet deadlines on their own without the benefit of the built-in accountability created by a semester or class schedule.

A Good Learning Environment
The Online Learning learner needs a place to read, think and write that is free from distractions and interruptions. That environment does not need to be available to you 24 hours-a-day, just when you need it. Easy access to local libraries and other information sources is also crucial.

Good Writing Ability
In the physical classroom, good verbal skills can sometimes offset weaker writing abilities. That is not the case in the Online Learning learning environment, where all communication is done in writing and your learning is assessed by what you communicate in written form. Many people are better writers than speakers, so Online Learning gives you an opportunity to demonstrate one of your strengths.

Computer Literacy
Keyboarding and word-processing abilities are only part of what is required for Online Learning. Students need an understanding of operating system software and computer hardware and peripherals in order to successfully utilize available resources for research and study.

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Do I need to apply for admission in order to take an online course?

All that is required to take your first undergraduate course with the Tennessee Temple Online Learning Program is completed registration and payment of tuition and fees. All undergraduate courses are open to any college-age, adult or qualifying high school learner. This includes students enrolled in other colleges and universities, individuals taking courses for professional development and/or personal enrichment. Degree-seeking students will need to complete the regular admissions process.

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How do I register for a class?

Registration for Online Learning courses is easy! You can register online or call our office (800-553-4050) during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time). If you know what courses you want to take, you can go directly to the online enrollment form to register.

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Is the cost of course materials included in course tuition?

Many students may already have the books and materials for some courses. We want learners to have the option of purchasing only the books they need or the materials they do not have access to. Thus, course materials are not included in the cost of tuition and students buy only what they need. All textbooks are available through the Temple Bookstore and other online bookstores.

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Can I receive financial aid or veterans benefits for courses offered by Tennessee Temple University's Online Learning Program?

We realize that financing a college education is a daunting task. Not only do we strive to keep the cost of acquiring a quality education low, but we have simplified the process by offering you numerous resources to assist you, such as scholarships, grants, jobs and loans. We trust that the information on this page will be invaluable. If you have any questions please email us or call us at 1-800-553-4050 ext. 4207. Students entitled to receive veterans educational benefits should contact their Veterans Affairs administrator for details.

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Do you have a tuition payment plan?

Need a payment plan? Take advantage of Tuition Management Services' interest free payment plan. Log on to www.afford.com/tntemple to set up a 9-, 10-, or 11-month payment plan.

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How long will it take to complete my degree?

This will vary depending upon the workload for the courses taken each semester.

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What are Quickstart courses?

Quickstart courses are for new students who do not wish to wait for the beginning of the regular semester to start a course. Contact online@tntemple.edu for more information.

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Who is my advisor?

Mr. Richard Vaupel

Internationals and VA Benefits


Email: vaupelr@tntemple.edu
Phone: 423-493-4216


Ms. Rebecca Tilley

Graduation Applications


Email: tilleyrs@tntemple.edu
Phone: 423-493-4376

Mrs. Trudy Owens

MA and PhD in Leadership

Email: owenstp@tntemple.edu
Phone: 423-493-4474


Mr. Will Owens

Education and Psychology

Email: owenswt@tntemple.edu
Phone: 423-493-4253

Mr. Chase Griffin

BA History and English
BS History and Interdisciplinary Studies

Email: griffibc@tntemple.edu
Phone: 423-493-4335

Nate Garrett

Business and Undergraduate Bible


Email: garrettn@tntemple.edu
Phone: 423-493-4245

Dr. Danny Cochran

Doctor of Ministry

Email: cochradr@tntemple.edu

Dr. Jeffrey Farmer

Online Learning

Email: farmerj@tntemple.edu
Phone: 423-493-4267

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