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Housing and Meals

Housing is available in the TTU dorms, through the TTU Office of Student Services at Studev@TNTemple.edu or (423) 493-4225, or at any number of commercial motels and hotels in the area. Please contact the Seminary Office (tilleyrs@tntemple.edu or 423.493.4260) for more information.

Meals are available in the TTU dining hall, served by Pioneer Food Service cafeteria style. Off-campus students may pay directly for each meal or purchase meal tickets. The meals are reasonably priced and well balanced.

Hospitalization and Surgical Insurance

All students enrolled in the Seminary are strongly encouraged to have adequate hospitalization and surgical insurance. This may be arranged through privately owned policies, insurance coverage at one’s place of employment, or through the Guidestone group plan of Tennessee Temple University.


General parking is available at no charge. If you plan to drive your car to campus, we ask you to fill out the Parking application form and return it to the Seminary office. The application can be obtained from the Student Development Office when you come to campus.

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