Faculty (I to R) Index

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Mrs. Anaely Johnson

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology

Email: johnsona@tntemple.edu

Dr. Brodie Johnson

Adjunct Professor of Computer Technology

Email: johnsonb@tntemple.edu

Mrs. Sarah Johnson

Adjunct Instructor of English

Email: johnsons@tntemple.edu

Mrs. Rhonda L. Keith

Adjunct Instructor of English

Email: keithr@tntemple.edu

Dr. Anne Windus Kelley

Adjunct Professor

Email: windusa@tntemple.edu


Dr. David Kemp

Chair of Department of Bible and Christian Ministries
Professor of Bible

Office: 339 Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4442
Email: kempd@tntemple.edu



Dr. Francis X. Kimmitt

Vice President for Academic Services
Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew

Office: 203 Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4260
Email: kimmittf@tntemple.edu


Ms. Angela Landry, LMFT, CST, NCC

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology

Office Phone: 770-906-2080
Email: landrya@tntemple.edu


Mr. Paul Laso

Adjunct Instructor of Christian Ministries

Email: lasops@tntemple.edu


Dr. Wayne Layton

Adjunct Professor of Bible and Christian Ministries




Mr. Kenrick Liburd

Athletic Director
Head Women's Basketball Coach
Instructor of Business

Office: McGilvray Gym
Office Phone: 423-493-4239
Email: liburdk@tntemple.edu



Dr. Susan B. Lovett

Chair of Division of Education
Professor of Education

Office: 211 Lee Roberson Center
Email: lovetts@tntemple.edu


Dr. Jeffrey N. Lowes

Adjunct Faculty



Mrs. Nicole Lowes

Adjunct Instructor of Business

Email: lowesn@tntemple.edu 


Dr. Jessica Madison

Adjunct Professor of History

Office: Home
Office Phone: 541-602-2821
Email: madisonj@tntemple.edu


Mrs. Joy Marks

Adjunct Instructor of Sign Language Interpreting




Mrs. Joy R. Martin

Associate Professor of Women's Ministry, Speech, Bible, and English

Office: 315 Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4291
Email: martinj@tntemple.edu


Dr. Roger Martin

Professor of New Testament, Church History and Pastoral Theology



Mr. John E. May

Adjunct Instructor of Bible and Christian Ministries

Email: mayje@tntemple.edu

Mrs. Marisa May

Adjunct Instructor of Math

Email:  maym@tntemple.edu



Dr. Robert C. Miller

Professor of English

Email: millerr@tntemple.edu



Dr. Ronnie Mitchell

Adjunct Professor

Email: mitchellr@tntemple.edu



Dr. Charles R. Morris

Adjunct Professor of Leadership

Email: morrisc@tntemple.edu


Mrs. Emma W. Morris

Adjunct Professor of Business

Email: morrise@tntemple.edu

Dr. John H. Morris Jr.

Adjunct Professor of Bible

Email: morrisjh@tntemple.edu


Dr. Howard D. Owens

Interim Dean of School of Theology and Ministry
Associate Professor of Christian Education and Intercultural Studies

Office: 322 Lee Roberson Center
Office Phone: 423-493-4268
Email: owensh@tntemple.edu


Dr. Dan Parker

Adjunct Professor of Bible and Christian Ministries

Email: parkerd@tntemple.edu


Mr. Robert Pearson

Director of Admissions
Instructor of Biblical Studies

Office: Admissions Office - Temple Building
Office Phone: (423)493-4326
Email: pearsondr@tntemple.edu

Mr. Jerry Pirkle

Adjunct Instructor of Biology

Email: pirklej@tntemple.edu

Mr. Paul Pittman

Adjunct Instructor of Business

Email: pittmanp@tntemple.edu


Dr. Brent Powell

Adjunct Professor of Leadership



Dr. Thomas (T.A.) Powell Sr.

Adjunct Professor of Ministry

Office Phone: 434-229-5367
Email: powellta@tntemple.edu


Mr. David Prairie

Adjunct Instructor of Biblical Worldview

Email: prairied@tntemple.edu

Dr. Lori Robertson

Adjunct Professor of Education and Leadership

Email: robertsonl@tntemple.edu


Dr. Steve Robinson

Adjunct Professor of Educational Leadership

Email: robinsons@tntemple.edu

Mr. John O. Rogers

Adjunct Instructor of English

Email: rogersj@tntemple.edu