Temple Baptist Seminary shares the same 21 building campus with Tennessee Temple University. It is a mile from Interstate 24, and four miles from both Interstate 75 and Chattanooga’s airport, Lovell Field. Chattanooga is approximately 100 miles from Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia.

See Rock City! Chattanooga, Tennessee is located at the foot of historic Lookout Mountain, near Missionary Ridge and on the banks of the Tennessee River. This scenic city has made a name for itself in the pages of history with many Civil War battles fought in and around this area. It also made a mark in history at Ross's Landing down on the river, where the Trail of Tears began.

Because of its historic significance, especially in the War Between the States, and because of its natural beauty, Chattanooga—"The Scenic Center of the South"—has become a cultural center and popular tourist area. It is the site of several national events, such as conventions and sporting competitions.

The nearby Chickamauga National Military Park is the largest national military park in the country. There are a number of historical museums and battlefields in the metropolitan area. A number of natural attractions, TVA water projects, riverboat cruises, national and state parks, camping, rafting, plays, and concerts are among the popular features of the Chattanooga area.

Tennessee Temple University, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Chattanooga State Technical Community College, and Covenant College are the other major educational institutions in the city. 

Temple Baptist Seminary has the unique privilege of being located in this beautiful city and has the opportunity to present all that this city has to offer to its students.

Temple Baptist Seminary
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The Tennessee Aquarium

The Tennessee AquariumThe Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga is the world's largest freshwater aquarium. Journey through a spectacular 60-foot canyon and two living forests, where you'll see over 9,000 animals that swim, fly, and crawl in natural habitiats. The site of the Aquarium was chosen here because the Tennessee River boasts the largest amount of various kinds of fresh-water fish and creatures.


Rock City

Rock City is a beautiful attraction high atop Lookout Mountain. This natural wonder is a collection of rock formations and breath-taking views formed on the side of Chattanooga's most notable landmark. (See picture above)


The Creative Discovery Museum

The Creative Discovery Museum is one of the many fun and exciting things to do downtown. It is part of the Aquarium and I-Max 3D Theater complex.


Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls is one of Chattanooga's favorite attractions, thrilling visitors for more than 65 years with its thundering 145-foot natural waterfall and caverns deep inside Lookout Mountain. Entertaining guides take you and your group on a 260-foot elevator ride to begin your fun and educational tour.

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