Mr. James F. Sutherland

Mr. James F. Sutherland

Instructor of Mathematics



  • EdS 2010 Appalachian State University
  • MEd. 2007 Liberty University
  • BA 1965 Erskine College
  • Certified as Developmental Education Specialist (2009) by Kellogg Institute, Appalachian State University
  • The Executive Program, (1978) University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Academic Experience

  • 9 years teaching math at Danville Community College, Danville, VA
  • 4 years as Director of Academic Success Center, Danville Community College
  • In 2011, served as Interim Dean of Division of Student Success & Academic Advancement, Danville Community College

Teaching Specializations

  • Developmental Math

Ministry & Professional Experience

  • Past Certified Lay Speaker in United Methodist Church
  • Past President, Vice President, and Church Assignment Chairman of Danville, Va Gideon Camp
  • Served as Cheif Operations Officer of two International Manufacturing Companies
  • Past President of Virginia Association of Developmental Education (VADE)

Membership in Academic Organizations

  • Virginia Association of Developmental Education (VADE)
  • National Association of Developmental Education (NADE)
  • The American Mathematics Association of Two Year Colleges (AMATYC)
  • The Virginia Mathematics Association of Two Year Colleges

Denominational & Community Service

  • Served many years as Sunday School Teacher for youth and adult classes
  • Served on board of Danville Red Cross
  • Goodwill Industries Danville
  • Danville Museum of History
  • Served as Chairman Board of Trustees Danville Community College

Publications & Presentations

  • In 2012, made presentation at the National Association of Developmental Education, on the success of teaching developmental math in modules.

Special Recognitions

  • In 2012, appointed emeritus member of Danville Community College Educational Foundation Board