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Dear TTU family,

We have experienced the home going of a great man of God, Dr. David Edwards. As our Dean of the College of Business and Leadership, he was at the SBC annual meeting and working the TTU booth. While walking back to the hotel, he began to feel bad, and upon returning to his room he had a massive heart attack. His wife immediately called for help, but the paramedics were unable to save him. 

Dr. Edwards was bigger than life and worked tirelessly for His Lord's service at TTU. I have been so blessed by his incredible support, his can do attitude, and his ability to accomplish more than it would seem possible for one man to do. He deeply loved his students, his colleagues, and TTU. He was revered and loved by all at TTU, and we all grieve at the loss of such a special servant of the Lord. 

Dr. Edwards loved and was devoted to his family as much as anyone I know, and they likewise were to him. His family will miss him terribly. Yet they are comforted by the fact of knowing that he was taken into the arms of Jesus with a "well done thy good and faithful servant. " He often talked about how wonderful heaven was going to be and how he looked forward to God calling him home someday. He even spoke of this while at the convention. Little could we or he have known his home going would be so soon. 

We struggle to understand why some of God's choicest servants are taken early. Yet we know that God knows best and will give His grace and comfort during this time. Please pray for the family to have His very special presence and strength now and in the coming days. 


Praying with you,


Steve Echols 

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