Dr. Kimmitt Authors Book


Tennessee Temple University congratulates Dr. Francis Kimmitt on his new book that he coauthored:

Word Studies Made Simple: How to Study the Bible in the Original Languages.


Dr. Kimmitt and co-author Dr. Norris Grubbs, worked diligently on this ten year project. Greek and Hebrew word studies are an intricate necessity in studying the Bible. A book like this one was hard to come across ten years ago. As professors of the Old Testament and New Testament, they wanted a book to contain more information than its predecessors. The book aims to help those who haven’t been exposed to biblical languages.  Both authors also hope for a re-kindled passion in the studies of pastors and Bible teachers. The publication has been released and is available on Amazon.com. Dr. Kimmitt plans to contribute to a new book The Psalms: Language for All Seasons of the Soul (Andrew J. Schmutzer, David M. Howard, Jr., eds.). 


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