Author Scott Phillips to Speak in Chapel


Scott Phillips, a TTU graduate, will be back on campus to speak in chapel on Tuesday, April 15, at 11:00 a.m.


When Scott and his wife Jennie were just a young married couple, they encountered the fierce, murderous, stone-age Dao people in the remote jungles of Indonesia.  No religious group of any type had ever worked among the Dao people, but Scott and Jennie believed the Lord wanted them to do so.


After they had lived among the Dao people for about three years, Scott and Jennie were told about “prophecies of pale skin” – dreams that some of the Dao people had had years earlier, dreams about people with pale skin who would bring them a very important message.  Scott and Jennie realized that they were they were the fulfillment of those “prophecies of pale skin” as they brought the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the Dao people.


Scott and Jennie have spent ten years living and working among the Dao people, communicating the message of “the Creator’s leaf book” and telling them about Yesusi (the Dao word for Jesus) and what He did on “the crossed wood.”  Many people have put their faith in Yesusi and been saved.  Dao believers have been discipled and trained as teachers to their own people and to other unreached areas.


The Dao people previously had no written alphabet, so Scott and Jennie developed a written language for them.  Copies of the Gospel of John have been printed in that language, distributed, and eagerly received.  Scott and Jennie have a goal of translating the entire Bible into the Dao language. 


For more information about the ministry of Scott and Jennie Phillips, go to their website:

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