Sign Language Interpreting Students Win National Competition

The American Sign Language Honor Society annually sponsors a national ASL Literature competition.  The competition intends to encourage students to apply their in-class learning to the wider community.  The 2014 competition paid homage to the work of master poet and storyteller, Peter Cook. TTU students competed in the Handshape Story category and the ASL Narrative Category.  Below are the winners for the Advanced Category:

Narrative, Class C

First Place: Joshua Walterhouse, "Gator Ride" 

Second Place: Sarah Olsen, "My First Word"


Handshape Story, Class C

First Place: Lily James, "Music" 

Second Place: Richard Givens, "Haunted House" 

Third Place: Stephanie Vachino, "Haunted House" 

Honorable Mention: Brad Epling


Links to the stories can be found here. 

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