S.L.A.M shows Christ to students

I would like to say that our experience with the TN Temple University SLAM group was awesome. Coach Corey Wright did a fantastic job in communicating and promoting the group and their performance. They not only delivered excellent performances, but gave moving testimonies and gospel messages as well. The team was a great blessing to our student body. Their clear and relevant message of living a Christ centered life as a student with a mission resonated with many of our kids. One young lady told me, “Although I’ve been in Christian school since 2nd grade this chapel service is the best one I’ve ever been to, and I will remember it more than any other.” Our students were involved and excited throughout each performance, having an immediate connection with SLAM.

The members of SLAM went above and beyond to reach our kids on a personal level. By speaking to them after each performance, eating lunch with them, singing and playing instruments, as well as taking time to participate in PE classes our students were able to see how much the SLAM members enjoy their ministry. They also saw practical ways to spread the message and importance of living life pleasing to God. SLAM was even gracious enough to stay for an exhibition during halftime of our high school boys basketball game that evening.

I highly recommend the TN Temple SLAM team and hope we are able to have them return in the future.




John W. Taylor


Hendersonville Christian Academy


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