Thank You Dr. Danny Lovett

Dr. Danny LovettTTU announces that beginning July 1, 2011, Dr. D. Jim O'Neill will move into the President's Office from his seat as Executive Vice President.

Dr. O’Neill anticipates continuing the growing momentum Dr. Lovett led throughout his tenure at TTU. Under Dr. Lovett’s leadership, TTU enjoyed annual enrollment increases, progressive online training development, TRACS reaffirmation, and financial growth. Driven for academic excellence, he inspired several faculty members to continue their education to the point that TTU has a high rate of doctoral faculty compared to many universities. Furthermore, Dr. Lovett broadened TTU’s influence among the community to be a leader for racial reconciliation.

Dr. Lovett’s goal has been to lead TTU in training to transform the next generation of students to be on mission with God. As part of that vision, Dr. Lovett commissioned TTU’s largest graduating class ever in his presidency and saw the PhD program increase by five times. He also recently affirmed that TTU faces its largest summer enrollment of over 540 students and a growing athletic program, including a new softball team. TTU is excited to move forward with this growth in the coming Fall semester. TTU celebrates the fruit which came from Dr. Lovett’s ministry to the school and community and anticipates exciting days ahead.

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