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Tennessee Temple University has extended its missions educational reach around the world again in its partnership with the Rawlings Foundation and Highlands Bible College. Over five years ago, Tennessee Temple University began a partnership in training pastors and missionaries in Tanzania, Africa. Dr. Byron Edens, Executive Vice President of Tennessee Temple University, was the speaker this year for the Highlands Bible College graduation ceremonies in its international ministry training commencement in Tanzania, Africa. Highlands Bible College celebrated the graduation of 23 students which was held at Dr. Rejoice Ndalima’s church in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa on January 18, 2014.  Dr. Edens is assisting the Rawlings Foundation in presidential leadership of the Highlands Bible Colleges in its international ministry and training in Cambodia, Mexico and Africa.




The Rawlings Foundation has 15 mission training camps worldwide and has plans to build a permanent college on its site in Morogoro, Africa. With this international ministry training in this partnership, young men and women are prepared for lives of leadership and service through knowledge acquisition, biblical application, skill development, evangelism and Godly living. Tennessee Temple University, Highlands Bible College, and the Rawlings Foundation are continuing to fulfill Christ’s Commission to reach the world for Christ!

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