Woodstock Trip

For some time now, the investment of our Ministry students has become an ever growing passion in our hearts. We earnestly want to see the development of our ministry students particularly in the area of real practical ministry. We, too, have learned both the benefits & limitations of the classroom - specifically the practical realities of ministry (In other words, the phrases that many have echoed in leadership positions such as, “I wish I learned that while I was in Seminary! If I only knew then . . . what I know now . . . Ohh what a world of a difference that would have made!) And with this growing echo surrounding us we want to provide our students with the best possibilities they could attain while they attend Tennessee Temple University. Therefore, we were blessed with an opportunity to visit 1st Baptist Woodstock to meet with several staff members from FBC. These staff members included: "Pastor Johnny Hunt, Allan Taylor (Education Pastor), Dan Dorner (Finance Director), Jim Law (Executive Pastor), Matt Lawson (Student Ministries Pastor), Scott White (Senior Worship Pastor) and Jake Holman (Worship Leader), Bill Agee (Church Planting Director), and Chip Riggs (Missions Director).

We at TTU are grateful for the opportunity and experience at First Baptist Church Woodstock. We thank Pastor Johnny Hunt and his staff for taking a day to invest in tomorrow’s Ministry Leaders!

The pictures below are from the ministry trip to 1st Baptist Church Woodstock.

The three speakers in the pictures are: Pastor Eddie Rhodes, Pastor Johnny Hunt, and Chip Riggs.


Pastor Eddie Rhodes spoke on the topic of "Church Revitalization". He taught the students on the dynamics of restoration within the bounds of a dying church. Posing the question, "How does one rebuild / revitalize a church that no longer is growing in a healthy pattern?" He spoke on Leadership, Vision, Organization, and Team-building.

Pastor Chip Riggs is the Missions director at FBC. He taught on the practical aspects of mission work. Teaching on the topics of culture and missions, church planting and missions, understanding how God uniquely gifted us, and Beginning with God Kingdom in mind.

Pastor Johnny Hunt is the Senior Pastor of FBC. Pastor Johnny gave our students an opportunity to have a Q&A time with him. Our students asked Pastor Johnny an assortment of different questions about ministry, leadership, and his personal experiences within ministry. Pastor Johnny challenged, taught, and encouraged our students with the wisdom God has taught him through his years of ministry as a pastor. Pastor Johnny was careful to listen and answered each question practically and Biblically. He also took some time to speak about the top cultural trends Christians, churches, and pastors face today. His wisdom gave our students a real glimpse into the demands and challenges each of them will one day face as a pastor who will stand for the Truth found in God's Word. It was truly a blessing to sit at the table with one who has been taught much by The One who has led him throughout all of his pastoral ministry.


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