Personal Safety Concerns

Personal safety is a right for students at TTU and we take seriously any violations of your safety. No matter where, when or how your well-being has been threatened, we can help provide you with options and resources as well as assist with any resulting academic issues. All students will be treated fairly in a confidential and sensitive manner.

The Student Advocacy Office can:

  • Supply information for and referrals to campus and community resources
  • Help communicate with instructors and others as needed to help students stay on track academically
  • Help explore options for dealing with past, current and future academic concerns
  • Help navigate through administrative issues or any other concerns a student may have
  • Support students through the campus grievance procedure if necessary

Important Resources on Campus

Security - Information on campus security
TTU Handbook - Outlines policies on student conduct and behavior

Useful Resources in the Community

Emergency Services - in case of an emergency please call 911
Chattanooga Police Department - To report a crime or request assistance: (423)-698-2525


If you wish to utilized the services of the Student Advocacy Office, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you

Student Advocacy Office
LRC Office 410A
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