Comments from Recent Graduates

 “It has been a great challenge to have professors and coursework that require me to think big and to think outside the box. Tennessee Temple University offered me a place to learn, grow, and excel. I offer one word of caution: the Ph.D. in Leadership program is only for people who are dedicated, practical, life-long learners that have a passion to lead this world toward a better place. My journey with Temple has helped shaped my leadership, strengthen my character, and helped me grow professionally, all from a foundation of biblical principles. TTU has a great team of instructors there!”


“As a second year Ph.D. student having completed twenty-seven hours to date, Dr. Alexson and his faculty has held me to the highest of academic standards, bringing a rare personal touch to the program, as well.”


“I would particularly compliment the collegial and highly supportive atmosphere of the program. All too often, Ph.D. programs tend to be adversarial and unsupportive. The TTU program is unique in this aspect of higher learning. There is always a significant degree of help and encouragement from the professors.”


“As a member of the initial “alpha” cohort, I have been a firsthand witness to the early success of the program. While no academic program is perfect, the Ph.D. in Leadership at TTU has exceeded my expectations at nearly every level. God has blessed this program with quality academics, faculty, students, and a director. I would challenge any student who is considering the pursuit of a Ph.D. in Leadership to prayerfully consider Tennessee Temple University as a wonderful option for spiritual and intellectual growth.”

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