Philosophy of Education

Our Christian philosophy of education describes what we believe about the nature of God, truth, and mankind, and the impact of those beliefs on the definition, purpose, and process of education. At Tennessee Temple University, we believe that God, the infinite source of wisdom, knowledge, and truth, enlightens men and women through Scripture, creation, history, and His Son, Jesus Christ. We believe that absolute truth can be discovered and known by men and women as God determines and reveals it. Men and women, created in the image of God, are capable of knowing truth, thinking reflectively, and reasoning logically. Education is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes through teaching and learning. At TTU, the education process engages the student’s intellect, emotion, and will through experiences with teachers and independent thinking in an environment that challenges the student to transform into a confident, capable individual. Ultimately, the goal of the Christian student should be to love God with the mind, living for His glory while striving for academic excellence.

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