Program Objectives


Traditionally the center of a liberal arts education, English enriches the life of every student enrolled in Tennessee Temple University. By example and inspiration from books and teachers, students learn to express themselves with greater skill and precision in writing and speaking. In addition, they are treated to a wealth of literary works to enrich their understanding of life and to add to their cultural and intellectual sensibilities. The English Department prepares students academically and spiritually to "fill any post with credit," as John Henry Newman wrote in 1852, "and to master any subject with facility."


The student will

  1. Read literature with understanding that leads to appreciation;
  2. Demonstrate his understanding of human experiences by gaining insights into himself and his fellow man through literary studies;
  3. Demonstrate logical and clear thinking by studying the structure and concepts of literary works;
  4. Write Standard English;
  5. Interpret literature to express comprehension and critical thinking; and
  6. Distinguish authors, works, trends, ideas, genres, and periods within the literary development of American, English, and world literature.

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