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What is the Interpreting Education Program?

The Interpreting Education Program (IEP) prepares graduates for employment in the vast field of sign langauge interpreting while simultaneously training them to minister effectively for Christ with in the deaf community. The ITP combines academics with actual "hands on" interpreting experience. This makes the student proficient as well as knowledgeable.


Why you should choose TTU's Interpreting Education Program?

Sign Language Interpreting is a profession that has only been around since the late 1960s. There are only thirty-five four year ITPs in the nation, fewer than 5 of them are religious in nature. TTU offers you the opportunity to receive a quality education in a Christian environment. The course are taught from a Biblical perspective with Christ being the center of every class from ASL I to Fieldwork.
Your Education

Your education and training are very important to us. We offer lots of opportunities to enhance your education. We have an experienced, qualified faculty who are on the cutting edge of the field. There is a sign langauge laboratory where you can further develop your signing and interpreting skills. We host and participate in several workshops annually. This provides networking opportunities, reinforces classroom learning, and introduces new and innovative information.
Internship and Employment

You are given the opportunity to conduct your practicum and internship under the direction of nationally certified interpreters in the following areas:

* Local School Districts
* Local Colleges and Universities
* Chattanooga Services for the Deaf
* Gallaudet University
* Your Home Town

Upon graduation you can find employment in the following areas:

* Service Agencies
* Religious Settings
* Educational Settings
* Freelance Settings

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