A student wishing to pursue a major or (minor) in music must audition in piano, voice, or an approved instrument before enrolling in any class. All students must take a theory placement examination. Any student who does not pass the theory placement examination must take MU-105 Fundamentals of Music prior to enrolling in MU-209 Principles of Harmony.


Applied Music Study

Freshman students take half-hour lessons weekly, while sophomore through the senior years one-hour lessons are given.


Ensemble Participation

All students enrolled in the music program are required 8 semesters of ensemble study. The Weigle Concert Choir is required of each student at this time. Handbells are also offered as an elective.


Repertoire Class/Master Classes/Recitals

All students enrolled in the music program are required to attend repertoire class each week, which meets Wednesdays at 4:00 pm. At this time students are given a chance to perform, increasing their performance technique. Throughout the year the school invites specialist in a particular area (voice, piano, other instrumental) for master classes and recitals. Music students are required to attend all master classes. All music students are required to register for concert attendance for 8 semesters. These concerts are usually a part of the Chattanooga Symphony/Opera concert season as well as some recitals performed here on campus. Applied music fees cover the cost for tickets for the Chattanooga Symphony/Opera.


Piano Proficiency

All non-keyboard majors are required to pass a piano proficiency exam in order to qualify for the Bachelor of Science in Music. Students will register for class piano until this proficiency is passed. The student may take the proficiency exam before registering for classes if the student has prior study. Students enrolled in the Church Music in Contemporary styles must also pass guitar proficiency.



The music department is located in the Weigle Building adjacent to the Tennessee Temple Academy. The music department houses 28 practice rooms, five classrooms, one choral rehearsal room, student lounge, faculty studios, as well as a state of the art computer lab with nine stations. Recitals are performed in the acoustically balanced Phillips Memorial Auditorium.

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