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Mrs. Michelle Shelley

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology

Email: shelleym@tntemple.edu

Dr. Merial J. Smartt

Assistant Professor of Education
Chair of Undergraduate Education and General Education

Office: LRC 324
Office Phone: 423-493-4325
Email: smarttm@tntemple.edu

Dr. Marla S. Smithson

Adjunct Professor of Education

Email: smithsm@tntemple.edu


Dr. Robert K. Speights

Adjunct Professor of Bible

Email: speightsr@tntemple.edu

Mr. Nathan Stanfill

Adjunct Instructor of English

Email: stanfilln@tntemple.edu

Dr. Roger H. Stiles

Professor of Education and Philosophy

Email: stilesr@tntemple.edu


Mr. James F. Sutherland

Instructor of Mathematics

Email: sutherlandj@tntemple.edu

Ms. Kauri Tallant

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology


Office Phone: 423-775-7513
Email: tallantk@tntemple.edu


Ms. Rebecca Tilley

Coordinator of Student Records
Adjunct Instructor of Bible and Christian Ministries

Email: tilleyrs@tntemple.edu


Mr. Brian Keith Triplett

Adjunct Instructor of English

Email: triplettb@tntemple.edu

Dr. Jane Schenck Varner

Adjunct Professor of Psychology

Email: varnerj@tntemple.edu

Mr. Joshua Verhulst

Adjunct Instructor of Business

Email: verhulstj@tntemple.edu

Mr. Steve Ware

Adjunct Instructor of Business Administration

Email: wares@tntemple.edu

Mrs. Judith Waters

Adjunct Instructor of American Sign Language

Email: watersja@tntemple.edu

Ms. Christine Weisgerber

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology

Email: weisgerberc@tntemple.edu

Mr. Kevin W. Woodruff

Library Director
Assistant Professor of Greek and Bible

Office: Library
Office Phone: 423-493-4252
Email: woodruk@tntemple.edu


Mrs. Cheryl Zuckerman

Adjunct Instructor of Sign Language and Interpreting

Email: zuckermanc@tntemple.edu