Philosophy of Education

 Basic Postulates

  • The educational philosophy of Temple Baptist Seminary is based on the authority and reliability of the Bible, which is the absolute standard for all matters of faith, truth, and practice.
  • The biblical foundations, as outlined in the Confession of Faith and the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, constitute the basis for the institutional distinctives, which determine the purpose of the seminary.

Philosophical Tenets

  1. Life-View
    There are two opposing views of life: humanistic (man-centered) and theistic (God-centered). Temple Baptist Seminary adheres resolutely to the theistic life-view.
  2. The Bible
    The integration of the Bible in all that is taught is essential for authentic Christian education.
  3. God
    The existence and self-revelation of the triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is a necessary pre-supposition, and glorifying God is a supreme task of Christian education.
  4. Man
    Man was created by God in His image; however, this image was marred because of sin. Man can be born again through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ.
  5. Education
    The Christian approach to education endeavors to derive ultimate meaning from God. The humanistic approach to education derives ultimate meaning of education from society. The watershed that distinguishes Christian philosophy of education from others is the authority of the Bible and its normative application.
  6. Truth 
    According to Christian philosophy, truth retains an ultimate revelational aspect. Christian epistemology, while emphasizing excellence in reasoning, affirms the supernatural function of faith in knowing truth. Christian education is the process of becoming like Christ "so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work" (2 Tim. 3:17).


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