Special Requirements

A student will be assigned to his initial English course based on his qualifying ACT English score:

  • 18 or below English Fundamentals (EN-100)
  • 19-26 English Composition I (EN-101)
  • 27 or higher English Composition II (EN-102)

A student must take the required six hours of freshman English in sequence (EN-101 and 102 or EN-102 and 201) and earn a minimum grade of "C" in each course. A student who does not earn a minimum grade of "C" must repeat the course in the following semester in which the course is offered.

A student must complete EN-102 before enrolling in any literature courses. Exceptions may be granted by approval of the English Department chair.

At the end of their second year, English majors will be interviewed, tested, and assessed by the Department of English in order to be advised either (a) to continue their English degree programs (with or without stipulations) or (b) to discontinue their English degree programs.

English Major Requirements

Department Meetings - All English majors are required to attend two department meetings per semester.

Department Activities - All English majors are required to attend at least one departmentally- sponsored activity (a play, film, literary reading or conference, etc.) per semester. The activity may be organized by an English professor or a major but must be approved by the Department Chair to fulfill this requirement. This activity will also count toward Christian service.

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