Student Advocacy Office

The mission of the Student Advocacy Office is to assist students in resolving personal and academic problems so that they may maintain progress toward earning a degree. Our aim is to empower students by providing guidance and information on University policies and procedures. If necessary, we will help by referring matters to the relevant department, and when appropriate, assist in negotiations or other aspects of problem solving. We attempt to ensure that all students are treated fairly and equitably within all areas of the University.

Here are some examples of how the Student Advocacy Office can assist you:

Although the Student Advocacy Office has no specific authority over any segment of the University, we hope to assist students through the use of reason and knowledge of the University Rules and Regulations. The Student Advocacy Office has access to all persons, offices, and services at the University. When necessary, this access is utilized to work toward a satisfactory resolution of student complaints. The ultimate goal is to listen, advise, suggest options, and make recommendations with the goal being conflict resolution.

If you wish to utilize the services of the Student Advocacy Office, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you

Student Advocacy Office
Student Resource Center - LRC Office 410A
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