We offer a variety of programs and services to help students achieve academic success through the Student Resource Center in the LRC Library. Please contact Mr. Donovan Johnson for information ( or 423-493-4170).

If you need special accommodations because you have a disability, we can help. We provide academic accommodations in an atmosphere of confidentiality and respect.

Policies & Procedures for Acquiring Services

The director of the Office of Academic Support works with students with disabilities to determine their needs and find solutions. The general procedure to request accommodations is as follows:

  • Students must identify themselves in order to receive services.
  • Students complete a Disability Accommodation Services Request, which includes a waiver allowing the information to be passed along as necessary.
  • If the students desire access to services, they shall to discuss their concerns further with the director. An interview on campus is recommended.
  • Documentation is kept in a confidential file in the Office of Academic Support.
  • During the first week of school, the students and director meet to make needed referrals or accommodations in advance.
  • Students should contact the office upon arrival on campus each semester to request a personal interview.
  • The director and the students confer to determine legitimate educational accommodations and to notify the faculty concerned. The director may refer students to other professional staff as needed.
  • The office takes a Faculty Notification Form to each professor, explains the nature of the learning problem and the request for accommodations, obtains signatures to verify notification and understanding, and returns the form to the student's file in the Office of Academic Support.
  • Students make follow-up appointments.

This process needs to be repeated at the beginning of each semester when the student's classes, and consequently, faculty, change.


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