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In public and private schools across America or in industrialized nations of the earth all programs require some kind of “student teaching” as part of the overall training process; a critical part of the training. Yet in religious institutions such as Bible Colleges, Universities, and Seminary programs there are few programs that much more than “lip service” is paid to this ancient and best practice component of teaching!

This is why Tennessee Temple is expanding its ministry to TTU Teaching Sites. We at Temple realize that the culture in which you minister is not as it was decades ago.

Then you left your family, place of ministry and moved to where educational institutions were and after years of classroom education you went back into the field…”trained.”

Now you don’t have to leave the field where you are serving, TTU will come to where you are! We are recruiting the best professors who not only have the academic credentials they need, but also those who are seasoned in ministry and want to help you do what God has called you to do, where he has called you.

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