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Challenge Tests
For those who have some background in American Sign Language (ASL), ASL I and II can be challenged through a university course challenge test. The cost of each test is $100. If successfully passed, credits for the class will be given. A time can be scheduled during the first week of each semester to take this test.

Transfer Information
If a student has previous academic work in American Sign Language at an accredited institution of higher education, those classes may be transferred. American Sign Language I and American Sign Language II will be accepted as transfer credits without any additional requirements. However, those wishing to transfer credits about the ASL II level will need to complete a transfer portfolio so that a determination can be made regarding placement into classes that would best suit one's particular skill level.

2+2= Take Your AA and Make it a BS
If you currently hold an Associates degree in ASL, Deaf Studies or Interpreting we have a specially designed program to allow you to upgrade your degree. Your AA credits must include English To ASL Interpreting, ASL to English Interpreting and a Supervised Fieldwork course.

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