Transient Studies

Students who desire to accelerate or enhance their studies at Tennessee Temple University may request enrollment in transient status at another institution. Unlike other transfer credits, transient study credits are preapproved and the grades earned count toward the student’s GPA. Courses from non-accredited schools may not be approved. Transient studies are available only to students who are currently enrolled or pre-registered for the following term.

Transient studies may supplement but not replace course enrollment during a semester at Tennessee Temple University. Transient studies taken during the school term will be weighted with the overall course load and overloads (19-21 hours) and must have approval of the Vice President for Academic Services. No more than 75% of a student’s degree may be earned through any combination of transient studies, transfer credits, military service credits, CLEP, CEEB, and College Board Advanced Placement testing.

The student must submit a Transient Studies Request Form (with a course description) indicating approval by the student’s advisor, by the department chair of the course discipline, and by the Registrar prior to enrolling at any other institution as a transient student. Upon completion of the course, it is the student’s responsibility to request that an official transcript be sent to the Student Services Center of Tennessee Temple University. Only credits with the grade of“C” or higher will be accepted. These credits and grades will be recorded on the transcript and computed in the cumulative grade point average.

Graduating students will not be permitted to enroll in transient studies courses during their last term of enrollment without prior approval from the Vice President for Academic Services and the Registrar. To be considered for graduation,all transient studies course grades for graduating students must be received by the Records Office by the first Monday in December for fall graduates, the first Monday in April for spring graduates or the first Monday in August for summergraduates. Course work and final examinations should be planned accordingly to meet this deadline. Any exceptions to this deadline must be requested in writing to the Vice President for Academic Services and the Registrar prior to enrollment in the course.

Non-TTU students enrolling in transient status at Tennessee Temple University should contact the Admissions Office (423-493-4200) for details on enrollment requirements.

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