Tuition Refund Schedule


Tuition Adjustments

Tuition adjustments are based on the date of authorized and written withdrawal, not the student’s last date of attendance.  Upon authorized and written withdrawal, refunds of tuition are applicable according to the schedule below:


Module Course

Before 1st day:  100%

On 1st day:  75%

After 1st day:  0%


8-Week Accelerated Term

Before 1st day:  100%

Before 3rd day:  75%

During week 1:  50%

During week 2:  25%

During week 3:  0%


15-Week Semester

Before 1st day:  100%

During week 1-2:  80%

During week 3:  60%

During week 4:  40%

During week 5:  20%

After week 5:  0%


Course Withdrawal

In the event of early withdrawal, you are responsible for any balances that may result from returned federal funds, even if you have been issued a refund for those funds.  

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