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Thats the philosophy behind TTU's newest attraction, The Venue. Sitting where the old coffee shop was once located, this student run and student organized community will be the start of a wave of freshness thru TTU! Live Entertainment, social gatherings, even art shows and contests will be the life veins of The Venue. 

Serving as a ministry with snacks, drinks and sports, The Venue will be a great location for students to just be themselves.  College and High School nights will become a regular once weekly event, starring music, monster, and redbull of course.  But students are welcome anytime to drop by, enjoy a game of pool or pull up a comfortable chair for a few minutes of stress free relaxation and socialization. 

Think sitting inside a room is just plain boring? No worries, the Venue is scheduling exciting adventures like whitewater rafting and hiking for students and community to participate starting this summer! Talk about a great memory to look back on, whitewater rafting down the Ocoee!

 Be sure to come, see the Venue in the making, and hang out with your closest friends. 

Think you have an idea for the Venue? Something you want to see happen? Well they want to hear it!

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