The Christian Will is a miraculous instrument: a reservoir of your energy to be released to do what you cannot do, to go where you cannot go, to say what you cannot say; and a mighty power in God's hand to care for your loved ones, to help the helpless, to channel the life giving water - the glorious Gospel - to many parts of the earth. Your Will is your representative.

While most people intend to make one, the truth is that seven out of ten adults in the United States die without a Will. If this happens to you, not only have you lost the power to command the distribution of your estate, but you also may have created extra expense, possible confusion, and unnecessary frustrations for loved ones.

Federal tax laws encourage bequests to qualified institutions like this university with an unlimited estate tax deduction for such legacies. Without a Will, however, the state in which you live will determine to whom, how, and when your property is distributed. None of it would go to a University such as this.

If you are interested in designating Tennessee Temple University Foundation as a beneficiary, click here for the language that should be included in your will.

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